Coronado, October 5, 2013 in front of the Hotel Del Coronado and adjacent beachfront with some views of Point Loma, and some kiteboarding on the ‘flat seas’ that we had offshore during the Santa Ana  conditions.

Hotel Del Coronado

Transitions of Light & Color…

taken  this evening (August, 2nd)  between 7:47 & 9:13 -again from the West end of Alpine looking toward clouds over El Cajon & San Diego and yes, that’s the Big Dipper in the final shot.

Sunset over San Diego

…HDR photos I took last night (7/26) between 7:53 & 8:05 from Alpine (San Diego East County)

Morning Sky…

This morning in Alpine (San Diego, East County).  I thought the fog receding back into the El Cajon Valley on the left was a nice touch.



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Sunset pics from last week…

taken from Alpine, CA (San Diego East County)

Near Mammoth Lakes, CA

…between Lake Mary and Duck Lake Pass.

Spanish Revival restoration of home library in La Jolla

Spectacular home -It was like walking back in time.  Restoration by Tommie Zimmerle.  I’ll try to make time to upload a few more when I get the time next weekend.  Hand held HDR with a relatively light application of HDR effects.

Another indoor self-assignment - depth of field, shapes & form

Peacock feathers from a neighbor of a friend

Self assignment, glass, reflections, light & depth of field

Lake Cuyamaca winter shoreline…

HDR image taken last weekend (3/10/13) in San Diego’s East County Cuyamaca Mountains near Julian.

Ocean Beach, Newport Ave, HDR…

Thought I’d process the same bracketed image with Hodads from the previous post with an alternate setting (Photomatix Essentials) …and the lower one with a wider angle lens as well as different Photomatix settings.

Ocean Beach, Newport Ave…

After the sun had set, the neon and other lights looked like a good opportunity to try some HDR photography. 

Ocean Beach Pier…

I decided to take my camera to the beach yesterday after work.  The clouds from the storm were a nice change from the typical blue sky or overcast haze that seems to be the norm.